R&O Getaways

New Braunfels, Texas & Miramar Beach, Florida

Experience the privacy of our short-term rental homes, and the community sites and activities in our area. We provide the luxury of a home atmosphere. New Braunfels, Gruene and Sandestin provide the rest.
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A place to get away from it all

Enjoy your stay with us in one or more of our vacation rentals. A place to get away from it all, including noisy motels and condos. Your own private place to hang out for a weekend, or maybe longer. By yourself, or with those you want to be around.

Parties too large for single home?

Home Groupings available:
5 homes on Zipp Rd
2 homes on Kuehler Ave

Multiple Properties with Plenty of space

Beach Bungalow in Sandestin
Tumbleweed River Haus
Cowboy Country Club
Blue Sky

Getting away to New Braunfels, Texas & Miramar Beach, Florida?

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